Black Rock Arts Foundation’s Artumnal Gathering

Many thanks to the Black Rock Arts Foundation for inviting me to photograph their Artumnal Gathering this past weekend at the beautiful Bently Reserve in San Francisco!

Photograph by Eric Schwabel

Black Rock Arts was founded by several of the partners who founded and produce Burning Man.  BRAF’s mission is “to support and promote community, interactive art and civic participation.”  They work to bring pioneering, community-driven, interactive art to communities in the bay area and throughout the world.

Reverend Billy in a sea of feminine energy

I had a blast at the Artumnal Gathering.  I ran in to old friends who I usually only see once a year in the desert, and met hundreds of new, wonderful and colorful souls who I plan on running in to soon again!  Highlights from my little photo booth area included Reverend Billy being temporarily possessed by (through?) a sea of adoring women, and being mooned by a man in a kilt (photo not found).

But in general, it was just great to see so many smiling, joyful and colorful people.

Special thanks to BRAF VP Nick Morgan & Family, and to my gorgeous helper, Ambere St. Denis — Ambere is actually the insurance agent who insured our (and a few others’) theme camp at Burning Man this year!  Oh, and while we’re giving “shout-outs” check out artist Nicholas Von Grainger – whose painting The Parallax of Drive and Desire became our backdrop for the photo booth.

Photo by Eric Schwabel

There are roughly 1000 photographs, they are in order of time shot, from 6pm to midnight.

You can download your photograph at this link. Right-click or drag to your desktop to save.

If you would prefer the full resolution file or a print or card, they are available for purchase at this link.

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful evening!  See you on the playa!