The Naked Truth: Willam Belli

Willam Belli photographed by Eric Schwabel

Willam Belli photographed by Eric Schwabel

I feel like I’ve turned this blog into an underground tabloid rag. All my indie / subculture friends in the nude, good times.

Willam is an amazing actor — I don’t know how he would actually title himself, I know he’s written some amazing pieces as well, my favorite being “Tranny McGuyver” (Willam, if you’re reading this, is the longer DVD version anywhere?).  The “undercover hooker on a Segway” scene is priceless.  Anyhow, Willam is probably best known for his roles on Nip/Tuck (as Cherry Peck) and American Wedding.  You can check out his site here.

We were lucky enough to get Willam in to the studio for the Naked Truth photoessay. I was interested to hear what a man who tends to play a woman on television and the big screen had to say about body image issues.

Edition prints of Willam’s Naked Truth sitting are here.  Of course, prints are available for viewing on occasion by appointment, or visit the Distillery in Venice, California the first Friday of every month to see a current selection of my work.

Check out Willam’s interview below, it’s quite humorous.